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Cristobal Mondragon

Co Founder

After generating $4.5 Million cleaning homes, I can tell you the first place I'd look is your price: Maybe you're priced too low, maybe you're not using promotions effectively, perhaps you don't know how to outsource parts of your business?

If I were to generate you an extra 20% to 30% extra per month on your cleaning company, how would that impact your revenue?

You'll learn a powerful and repeatable marketing strategy to fill your calendar and earn more from your cleaning business than ever before. There’s no excuse for not having a Million-dollar cleaning business.

Together, we can truly create something greater than ourselves. I look forward to what the future holds.

Dalton Ousley

Co Founder

My wife and I knew we wanted to build something great together and that's exactly what we set out to do. The questions became "what to build" and what that would look like. We ultimately decided on starting a cleaning company since it was something both of us were very interested in. Through months of preparation, training, and hiring, we finally launch Caribou Cleaning with more than just a vision. 

I also enjoy a good challenge and find myself constantly digging deeper to learn new things and innovate.

Hyper-focus and discipline are two of my strengths. I'll never be the smartest person in the room but I'm confident that I can outwork most. That said, I believe we are most effective when we work in teams. Team efforts will always prevail over individual contributions in my opinion.

Why Pioneering Clean? 


It's our mission to bring innovation to the cleaning industry. Although the cleaning world is full of outdated tools and strategies, we're pioneering a new way of doing business that is better for cleaners, owners, and their customers.

It's crazy to think that you can launch a cleaning company and scale it to 6 or more figures in a very short amount of time with nothing but a laptop thanks to technology and innovative thinking.

Want us to show you how it's done?

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We're just a couple of entrepreneurs who are passionate about sharing our knowledge and experience with others looking to build something of their own.

Cristobal Mondragon

Owner of Queen Bee Cleaning

Dalton Ousley

Owner of Caribou Cleaning

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