Online Courses for the House Cleaning Industry

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs create lasting legacies for themselves and their families. Our online courses are easy to follow and can save you years of trial and error. We pride ourselves on having a clear and concise teaching style that teaches you exactly what you need to know without all of the "theory" and "fluff."

10 Day Cleaning Company

What are you doing for the next 10 days? Learn how to successfully launch a multi 6 or even 7-figure cleaning business in just 10 days with the 10 Day Cleaning Company. Ditch the unorganized YouTube videos and save yourself hundreds of hours by enrolling in this proven course that has literally helped thousands of entrepreneurs start their own cleaning company!

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1 Day BookingKoala Expert

It's no secret that BookingKoala is the top service software for the house cleaning industry. The problem is that it's nearly impossible to setup yourself without wasting days or even weeks trying to figure it out. Now you follow along with our step-by-step process and become a BookingKoala expert in just 1 day! By the end of the training, you'll have a fully optimized platform that is ready to start taking customers!

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4 Day Virtual Assistant

Don't let your Virtual Assistant wonder if they're doing the right things. Empower them with the training they need to be successful in your cleaning company. Boost their efficiency (and your profits) by putting them through this 4 day online training program!

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Work Less by Learning to Leverage Automation

The Automated Cleaning Business

Take back your time by learning how to automate things in your cleaning company. In this course, you'll learn basic and advanced automation systems that will free up your time while making your company more profitable.

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Training for Cleaners

Learn how to clean like the pros! Follow along and watch cleaners from Queen Bee Cleaning as they professionally clean homes in Seattle. You'll also learn chemical safety and what tools, supplies, and equipment we use on a daily basis.

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