$149.00 USD

4 Day Virtual Assistant

Empower your VA's by giving them the training they need to be successful.

You're about to get LIFETIME ACCESS to a comprehensive program that will train your VA's on:

  • Types of Cleaning Services
  • How to Sell Over the Phone
  • Most Common Software
  • Email Management
  • Reporting to You, the Owner
  • Customer & Team Support
  • Social Media Management
  • Recruiting & Onboarding
  • And more!

Don't let your new rockstar VA slip away - provide them with the training they deserve.

What People Are Saying:

This course is awesome! I watched it myself and realized there were so many things I never thought about teaching my assistant! I have built this course into our onboarding process so every new VA we get, they immediately go through this training. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to provide their VA with a solid training program!!

Courtney R.